The most effective way to play 1X2 football betting (401 อ่าน)

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When starting to play football betting, players often feel confused and unsure about what to bet on and how to bet. Especially in any bet, players encounter the 1X2 or Asian Handicap bet. This is a type of bet that can be easily misunderstood because of its name. Many people believe that this is a betting ratio, but in reality, the name has nothing to do with the betting ratio. So what is 1X2 football betting? Let's find out in the following article.

What is 1X2 football betting?

"1X2" is perhaps the most commonly used term on football betting sites, and betting experts often say that this is a type of bet that will never be absent from any football betting board. Indeed, this type of bet is extremely popular and was the precursor to football betting before any other type of football betting appeared on the market.

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1X2 football betting originates from Europe and is a popular type of bet in football betting (more broadly, 1X2 appears on most sports betting boards). 1X2 is called a three-way bet because the three main doors of this type of bet are win, draw, and loss. Players will predict which team will win without worrying about the score, so this is an easy type of bet to win.

Perhaps because it originated from Europe and is most popular in this market, 1X2 betting is also called Asian Handicap by betting experts, so when you hear about these two types of bets, players should pay attention that they are the same type of bet.

How to play Asian Handicap in football.

To place a 1X2 bet, the player simply needs to choose one of the three options: 1, X, or 2, corresponding to the home team win, draw, or away team win, respectively, for either the entire match or the first half only. Then, select the amount of money to bet and confirm the bet to make it successful.

In Asian Handicap betting, profits are calculated in the following order:

First, calculate the profit without commission: Profit is calculated by multiplying the betting odds with the amount of money wagered.

Next, calculate the profit after deducting the commission: Profit after deducting the commission is calculated by multiplying the profit (calculated above) with the commission rate and then subtracting the product of the amount of money wagered and the commission rate.

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How to read 1X2 odds:

The 1X2 odds are read very simply. The odds have three numbers in a column, with the top number showing the 1X2 odds. The meaning of the numbers, in order from top to bottom, is:

The odds of the home team winning

The odds of the away team winning

The odds of a draw

Tips for effective 1X2 betting:

In addition to understanding what 1X2 betting is and how to play it, you should also equip yourself with useful experiences to win and bring home some money.

You must be decisive in your choices. There are only three outcomes: win, lose, or draw. Avoid being indecisive, following the crowd, or choosing a team just because you like them.

Before participating in a match, you should research which team is strong and which is weak. This will help you make rational betting decisions. It's best to choose teams with little difference between them. If one team is the home team, it's better to choose that team because they have an advantage.

Stay calm and handle each situation that arises during the match.

Divide your betting money sensibly. Don't bet all your money on one option. Sometimes bookmakers offer high odds to trap you.

Regularly access the bookmaker's odds to keep track of any changes. Because sometimes, bookmakers will completely change the odds before a match.

Experience in betting on European football matches

To make a profit from betting on European football matches, professional bettors have the following experiences in this field:

Experience 1: Always analyze the abilities of the two football teams carefully before making a prediction about the result. Knowing oneself and knowing the enemy leads to victory in every battle, so before deciding to place a bet, make sure you have done your research to come to a conclusion.

Experience 2: Don't put all your eggs in one basket. This advice means that players should not put all their betting money on one bet for one match. According to research, placing combination bets (parlays) has a higher win rate.

Experience 3: Always pay attention to the betting odds because they are constantly updated. Paying attention to these updates can help you avoid changes in the odds that you are not aware of.

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Finally, the most crucial experience is to choose a reputable bookmaker. Betting online carries many risks, so choosing a reputable bookmaker will save you time, effort, and avoid any losses due to misplaced trust.

Betting on the 1X2 outcome (home team win, draw, or away team win) is the simplest and easiest form of betting in the betting system for this king of sports. With just a few simple steps, participants can easily set up a football betting bet. With this type of betting, the most important thing for players is to choose a reputable bookmaker. Good luck with your football betting endeavors!




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